Amble’s Ramble

I’m a little embarrassed to admit it but I turned on my air conditioner Monday evening.  On a normal day when the high reaches 83 degrees I’d just grin and bear it but yesterday was different. The humidity was the worst I’ve felt since last August. Coming off last week which offered cool, dry days and crisp mornings it made Monday feel like we were in the 90s.  It was more than I could take when the inside temperature near my bedroom read 81.  All my upstairs windows had been open all day so every bit of my neighborhood humidity was inside my house and it would have made trying to sleep ( at 7:00 PM ) almost impossible.  So, I did it.

That trend may continue for the rest of the week.  Afternoon temperatures will make a habit of reaching upper 70s and low 80s.  Daily rain chances will hold the humidity in place making for a tropical feel to the air each day.  I’m sure we’ll all start to get used to the warmer air but in the mean time I’ll continue to play the part of a weather wimp.

Check in on Wednesday for a look at my garden and a few tips I’ve learned over the years about planting peppers and tomatoes.  


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