Amble’s Ramble

There are quite a few gauges I use when determining how far along Spring is progressing. The easy and most noticeable are things like the trees filling out with leaves and birds returning for the summer.  One of my favorite pastimes is fishing as most everyone knows so I use that too as an indicator of the season.  Here’s my take.

I took a very quick afternoon trek to Clinton Lake just west of Lawrence in Douglas county to try my luck with a #6 hook, a bobber and a dozen medium shiner minnows.  Within 5 minutes my microlight rod and spinning reel spooled with 4lb. test line began screaming. Keep in mind because of the light line I had my drag set fairly loose.  about 4 minutes later after three really nice jumps I landed this healthy smallmouth bass.  After a quick picture I sent him back to the reservoir, re-baited and tried for another…nothing.  An hour creeped by without so much as a nibble.

photo (15)

So what does that tell me?  I was hoping for a crappie or two which typically work their way to the rocky shore of the Dam sometime around mid May.  It was the 12th day of the month so I thought I’d see if they were a little early this year. Well, they’re not.  It will likely be another few days before the crappie start hitting my favorite holes.  From what I noticed this Spring season is about average, according to the fish.


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