Amble’s Ramble

Trees have been releasing pollen for weeks now and that may have given you that “here we go again” feeling with watery eyes and sinus congestion.  The tree pollen season is about to wind down but there’s another pollen that is just getting started and this is the bad one. Grass!  Grass pollen is like tree pollen on steroids.  It also has a higher starch content which can aggravate symptoms in many people.  There are also many more grass pollen particles in each breath than with tree pollen so some people who can manage tree pollen will suddenly feel the effects once area grasses start to pollinate the air. This is where the term “hay fever” comes from.

So, what can you do about it? Answer, not much. Obviously you can take medicines to help with the symptoms. If it’s bad then check with your doctor to see if there’s a better choice in available medicines and also to test you for the type of pollen(s) you’re allergic to.  Don’t think you can self medicate the problem away. With the grass pollen season lasting from now until the first hard freeze this autumn it’s best to get help from a professional.

The problem could be your lawn.  Most Kansas City yards have one or more of the following grasses, Fescue, Bluegrass, Ryegrass or a blend of each.  There are also short grasses like Bermuda or Zoysia.  The first three can be held in check if you keep your grass short, the second group will pollinate even if mowed short.  It’s best to keep your lawn mowed regularly to limit the pollen in your yard.  Keep in mind that pollen can travel a long, long way in the wind so your congestion may be coming from your neighbors, both near and far.  Here’s the latest pollen report:


This is just the beginning of the sneezin’ season. We’re still waiting on Ragweed!


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