Teachman’s Take: Heat, Humidity And Storms – Rinse & Repeat!

There are some isolated showers and thunderstorms that have developed this morning. Along with lightning, heavy rain and small hail are both possible. These storms will continue to move out during the morning as a dying complex of storms arrives out of Nebraska. This complex is in its’ weakening stages, but heavy rain, lightning and brief gusty winds cannot be ruled out this morning as it skims northern Missouri. Temps will be mild to start in the middle 60s. Warm this afternoon in the middle 80s. Scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely any time this afternoon. Given the environment we are in, heavy rain, lightning, hail and gusty winds are possible with any storm. There is a small portion of our viewing area in a slight risk for severe thunderstorms, including NE Kansas and NW Missouri.

Unsettled skies persist Thursday and Friday. Once again, storms will be capable of heavy rain/lightning/hail and gusty winds. Highs will remain warm in the 80s. As for the weekend, we’re keeping a 20% chance in for a shower or a storm both Saturday and Sunday. It will feel hot! Highs by Sunday could approach 90 . Much quieter next week with mostly to partly cloudy skies Monday through Wednesday. Highs will stay on the warm side in the middle 80s.



2 Responses

  1. As a mother with a daughter working at the legends, would it be possible during weather like this, could you put an icon on the Legends? They are not allowed to have cells out and it would be nice to track a storm and be able to call the store to keep them informed. She has your app on her phone but cannot view it unless on break. ( Its a Mom thing) Today was good, I called her to watch the her app before she left for work. She was able to wait for a break then hit 435 to get to work safely. Thank you Also, Chris said last week that if it thunders there will be more rain. Is that due to the heat in the atmosphere? You guys are great and I love learning about the weather!

  2. Hi Vickie!

    Are you referencing an icon on our app or when I’m on-air tracking showers & storms?? Incidentally, Vickie is my mom’s name and it is also spelled with an ie at the end 🙂


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