Amble’s Ramble

The final stats on this latest round of rain is in.  The rains from overnight pushed our June total to a whopping 3.70″ which is truely whopping considering this is only the 8th day of the month.  That 3.70″ by the way is 2.66″ more than where a normal June 8th nwould place us.  In fact 3.70″ is almost a normal total for the entire month!

So far in 2015 we’ve emptied 20.30″ from the rain gauge.  Normally our total so far should read 15.07″ keeping us well ahead of schedule in the rain department.  Obviously anyone who’s ventured across a grassy area could tell by the way your feet squish on the soil that it has been a wet year.

The trend of wet weather will continue this weekend but the latest model data from mid morning Monday looks much better.  The GFS model suggests between 1/3″ to 2/3″ from Thursday night through Sunday.  That is much better than the big rains first forecast from those same models just 12 hours ago.  Keep in mind the rains could still be locally heavy this weekend, it’s just that there could be some space between storms meaning that a few lucky people may dodge a few of the heavier rains.  As the weekend draws near the models will become much more accurate so stay tuned to KCTV5 for the latest forecast.


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