Amble’s Ramble

Our wet spring seems to be all the rage right now.  Cancelled ballgames, spoiled camping trips and last second changes to wedding plans certainly have people feeling the rage.  Here’s a little perspective on wet years vs. dry years.  2015 didn’t start out wet by any means. Our winter snowfall was about 6” short of normal followed by a fairly dry first half of spring. About half way through the spring season it all changed. A shift in the upper level winds put the Midwest and a huge portion of the east in the path of a continuous conveyor belt of storms and some of those rains have been heavy. Here’s a look at how this year stacks up against the driest year in Kansas City recorded history, 1953.



Imagine if the skies remained sunny from now until New Year’s Day. This still wouldn’t be the driest year ever witnessed in Kansas City!

Anyone who’s spent time in the Midwest knows to watch what you wish for.  As hard as it is to break a drought it’s equally hard to stop the flooding once it begins.  This season has been wet but it’s about to get a lot worse thanks to the remnants of Tropical Storm Bill.  Southern Missouri will be in the path of the heaviest rains to hit the state so far this year with a 5” to 7” potential.  As of the latest model run it appears as though Kansas City will stay just north of the heavy rains. Thank you!

The latest models show the heaviest rains well south of the Metro:


Let’s hope this system shifts even further south.


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