Amble’s Ramble

Father’s Day weekend is quickly approaching and you know what Dad’s like to do.  This is also the start of the camping, boating and fishing season.  But with our recent rains and the torrent of rain expected over southern Missouri from now through Friday morning those plans may have to be changed.


Boating.  It could be dangerous this weekend.  Heavy rains will wash debris from feeding streams into the lake. Be on the lookout for large logs while navigating the waterway. Even a keen eye may not be able to spot deadheads of logs floating just under the surface so keep your speeds low.  The shoreline will not be the same when lakes are high.  Stay well away from shore.  There might be things like trees, picnic tables and permanent BBQ grills under water. Even large rocks that normally stand proud along the shore may now be lower unit busters.



Many campgrounds are much smaller now because the sites along the water are now part of the lake.  Before you pack the car and take that drive be sure to call ahead to see if there is indeed a place for you to park your camper or pitch the tent.  Some camp sites near the water may not be desirable due to the spongy ground.

Fishing obviously will be impacted too. Normally a good spot is below the dam in the spillway area but those are running so fast you just can’t fish it.  Also many spillway areas will be off limits to the public. If you do find your way onto the lake I’d suggest fishing the flooded shallow areas where fish are likely feeding on recently supplied worms and other goodies.

Be safe over the coming weekends. The forecast calls for hot, dry weather next week so there’s hope we can get a little closer to normal by the 4th of July.


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