Amble’s Ramble

Get ready for a hot weekend everyone. This weekend will also be the first step in a rather hot trend sending afternoon highs into the 90s for nearly a week. All of us who have years of experience with Kansas City summers know that low 90s is hardly a serious heat wave but here goes the oldest cliche in the book, “It’s not just the heat, it’s the humidity”. That’s so true. Low 90s in Phoenix is considered a pleasant afternoon while low 90s in Houston feels stifling. So, how does that work?

Your body cools itself by sweating. The warmer you are the more your body perspires, my guess is we all will be sweating bullets this weekend. Here’s where humidity comes in. To cool your body the sweat has to evaporate. It takes (heat) energy to send water from a liquid to a vapor. The result is a cool down at the point of exchange which your body gladly accepts. In the case of humid air the evaporation process is inhibited or in the case of extremely humid air is shut down completely. That means no evaporation, no cooling, hot body and the process is the repeated to the point that you’re drenched …but still hot. This is also why it’s so important to stay hydrated in hot weather.

The kind of hot, humid weather coming in this weekend will require you to drink plenty of water. Keep in mind it takes about three hours for that first sip to land itself in the cells that need it. So the rule this weekend is drink early and drink often. And seriously, I’m not talking alcohol. Water is best. Have a great weekend!


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