Amble’s Ramble

The calendar just turned the page to summer and the first couple days have felt very summer like. The heat has done wonders for my tomatoes which is the purpose of this particular blog. The next step in a series of garden blogs focusing on my tomato garden on the south side of my house.

Each year I decide which side to place my garden. North side produces huge crops when the heat is oppressive and the rains are scarce. The south side fairs better during wet years and summers that are near normal or below normal with temperatures. So far the south side has been the best choice and according to the photos my plants are thriving in the heat from recent days.

A couple plants are closing in on 4 feet tall with wide bushy branches. I thought I’d stay on top of the pruning but I let that go several weeks ago.  Pruning tomatoes (or popping suckers) is a job that makes your plants produce at their optimum level. A “sucker” is the little branch that grows out of the crotch of another limb. The sucker limb will grow but it will not produce fruit. All it does is waste energy from a plant that would rather throw the nutrients into the fruit. My plants are full of them right now but they still look healthy and judging from the bunches of tomatoes already setting, I may have several good eaters in about 4 weeks.

IMG_0042 IMG_0043 IMG_0044

I hope your garden is fairing well too. Look for another garden check in a week to 10 days.


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