Suchan Says: Nice Weekend But Some Storms Possible

Much quieter weather is settling into the area behind last night’s massive complex of storms.  Temperatures are also going to cool nicely to near 60 by sunrise!!

Saturday looks like a very nice day.  Analyzing the afternoon atmosphere, it will become unstable and typically I would be looking at thunderstorm chances.  However, it just appears too dry to support thunderstorm development and I will continue a dry forecast.  But I think it’s worth watching those afternoon fair weather clouds to see if any of them can get their act together to develop a random very isolated storm.  Overall though my expectations are for a dry and very pleasant afternoon near 80.

A look at Sunday, it’s actually a pretty decent day.  My concern is for late afternoon into the evening where a quick moving disturbance and associated cool front will slide over the area.  I continue to see evidence of developing thunderstorms from northern Missouri working south across the area to finish the day.  I also can’t rule out a stronger storm with hail and brief wind gusts.  Highs on Sunday will be in the upper 80s!

Here are a couple of computer model images of what I see Sunday.

GFS model... Sunday Morning

GFS model… Sunday Morning

GFS model... Sunday evening

GFS model… Sunday evening



Saturday Evening Rolling Stones Concert !

Saturday Evening Rolling Stones Concert !

Chris Suchan
Chief Meteorologist

Twitter:  @ChrisSuchanKCTV
Twitter:  @KCTV5Weather


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