Amble’s Ramble

Its Independence Day weekend and the forecast looks pretty good.  Even though rain chances will be present every day from Friday through Monday there will be plenty of long breaks between showers to allow for abundant outdoor fun time.  The weather should stay quiet enough for you to hit the pool, lake, park or backyard. Keep an eye on the sky and an ear to the sky so if a shower or storm pops up you can safely retreat into shelter.

Almost every night will offer fireworks displays. I’ll focus on Saturday night:

Outside of the slight rain chance and mild temperatures you can also expect a breezy evening with southeast winds blowing in from 10 to 18 MPH.  When finding a place to sit make sure you factor in the wind. The highest projectiles, typically 500 feet, will drift northwest from the launch site.


Be ready to pack a light jacket, a blanket, possibly some snacks and a drink. Unless this forecast changes you’ll be wise to toss a couple umbrellas in the car just to be safe. At last check the rain chances over the area will be about 20% after sunset Saturday. By the way sunset is roughly 8:49 on Saturday.

You can also check back into this web site for a complete list of fireworks locations across the Metro and surrounding areas.  Have a great 4th everyone!


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