Amble’s Ramble

Storms will quickly fire this afternoon along a frontal boundary which is located northwest of the Metro as of 1:00 PM Monday.  The storms that fire up have the potential to become strong with the greatest threat coming from strong straight line winds and large hail.  This afternoon will not offer a tornado threat:


The greatest threat for damage will actually come from heavy rain which will certainly aggravate areas prone for flooding. The rainfall rates could reach 1″ per hour in some of the heaviest cells along what should be a continuous line of storms stretching from Wisconsin to Texas. There is almost no chance for the Metro to miss out on the rains.  More rain is forecast on Wednesday with possible heavy rain again which will bring our projected 60 hour total up to impressive levels:


The models can get a little wacky at times but some areas with multiple waves of rain could end up with a months worth of rain in the next three days.  Stay tuned to KCTV5 for details on the coming storm and if you haven’t done this already, you should download the KCTV5 weather App which will give you warnings on the go and also let you track the storms anywhere you are this afternoon and evening.


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