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It’s a funny thing about rain, you can place a rain gauge in ten different areas on your property and get ten different readings.  I’m going with the official rain gauge at KCI for the purpose of this blog but after looking at the flooding video from our photographers and viewers it’s obvious that the airport was on the light side of the rain totals last night.  Before the big rains on Monday the July rainfall total was actually a little below normal but as you can see that latest storm sent our total well beyond normal.  Here’s the latest:


This is turning into a very wet year with over twenty six inches of rain so far in 2015.  That six inch surplus will help hold our yearly average above normal from now through August even if we don’t pick up another drop in that time.  But guess what?  we will pick up a few more drops, especially south of the Metro in just the next couple days:


The latest model data shows a few heavy rain showers Wednesday and Thursday favoring areas mainly south of I-70. Not exactly whopping by our recent standards but significant considering all the areas flooded are expecting additional rain.  Many streams are at or above flood stage including the Osage river basin which will be flowing strong over the next week to ten days.  That stream feeds Truman Lake which eventually spills into Lake of the Ozarks.  Remember the no wake request last weekend? Not fun for those wanting to relax on a speed boat.  If the rains come in as expected the lake levels will remain dangerously high at least through the weekend. The weird part is that KCI ( the official reporting station ) may show less than a tenth of an inch while areas a few miles south will have people swimming for higher ground.


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