Amble’s Ramble

At first glance everything in my tomato garden looks great. Tall vines with a deep, rich green color. The second and third tomatoes have already been picked and the fruit couldn’t look better. They are the earliest tomatoes I’ve ever picked and there are more to harvest in the next few days with the vines full of emerging little green ‘maters and countless yellow flowers.



All is perfect right? Well, not so much. Closer inspection shows an annual headache, pests. Not from bugs or fungus but rather something even more menacing — deer. There are about a dozen deer roaming my neighborhood and the surrounding woods. Actually there are likely twice or three times that many but as far as I can tell there are at least twelve between the doe’s with fawns and the three bucks I’ve spotted over the past few weeks. Remember, I’m on the road around 3:00 AM which is prime time to keep company with those critters. Here’s a look at the damage so far:



The tops have been nibbled off a couple plants and at least one near baseball size tomato has been half eaten. The deer in my neighborhood typical take a bite or two then move to the next tomato destroying up to two dozen tomatoes on a good night. It looks like I’ll put up my barrier sometime this week. I call it my $100.00 fence to protect $5.00 worth of tomatoes!

Expect another update in a week or so.


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