Amble’s Ramble

An Excessive Heat Warning is in effect from 11:00 AM today until 9:00 PM. The heat and humidity will combine to make the air feel like it’s between 103 and 113 degrees. Saturday appears to be just as hot so the danger continues through the weekend.



At this stage of summer most people who work outdoors know the routine, will look for the warning signs of a body that’s overheating and take proper action. Saturday can offer another set of problems. It is far easier to shut down and take a breather when you’re working. Hey, who doesn’t want to take 5 from time to time during the work day?  The weekend problem is adrenaline. If you’re playing hard and having fun it’s easy to forget things like drinking water and taking frequent breaks from activities. Alcohol can also impair your judgement while dehydrating you at the same time, a double whammy.

Instead of a lecture here’s a list of things to keep in mind while you’re enjoying the weekend.  These are a few warning signs you need to be aware of so you know when to shut it down:

If you even think some of these symptoms are happening please stop your activity, drink water and cool yourself. Also, look and listen for any additional symptoms to appear. If possible have someone keep an eye on you. Respect their opinion if they see you acting outside of normal. If in doubt, check it out. Call your physician or go to an urgent care facility if your symptoms fail to improve.

Stay cool, have fun and enjoy a great weekend.


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