Amble’s Ramble

Here’s another update on my tomato garden. Earlier I blogged about how easy my garden was going to be when it came to maintenance. My weeding was supposed to be minimal and so far it has been with less than 20 minutes total pulling weeds this season. What I didn’t count on was the wet weather this season has offered. Nearly 30″ so far this growing season which means I haven’t watered the tomatoes yet this year. I can’t remember a year that was as good on the garden as this one. Here’s a look at the latest haul from the vines:

photo (00000002)

Thirteen total with one in the sink nursing a sore spot. The one not pictured is the biggest of the bunch which is saying something. These are some of the biggest and best looking tomatoes I’ve ever grown. There are hundreds still on the vine that are still green and growing fast. It’s getting close to peak harvest season where I’ll be picking 10 to 20 ripe ones every other day for the next couple weeks.

The quality of this years crop has been sensational so far. Some years it will take 15 to 20 average size tomatoes to fill a gallon freezer bag. This year I can have the same weight with 9 to 12. That could mean an extra 5 to 8 bags of tomatoes for the freezer this season which means I’ll have plenty for chili this winter. In fact, I may have to learn to make homemade spaghetti sauce or find a few interested takers in the next few weeks.


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