Amble’s Ramble

Welcome to Autumn! It officially began at 3:22 AM Kansas City time. This is typically a beautiful time of the year when cool mornings give way to warm afternoons and the humidity gives us a break. It also means less daylight hours which is too bad because this kind of weather is perfect for spending as much time as possible without a roof or four walls.

The Autumnal Equinox means that today the sun will be above the horizon for the same amount of time that it’s below the horizon. Daylight and night time hours are the same. You’ll notice the days getting shorter very quickly over the next four weeks and by the end of October you’ll begin to get used to daylight hours resembling late Winter. We are on a journey to the shortest day of the year which arrives on December 21st. The Winter solstice, the beginning of Winter will arrive at 10:48 PM CST (Kansas City time) on that day.

After today the daylight hours will be less than the night time hours until the 19th of March. The Vernal Equinox will begin at 11:31 PM CDT (Kansas City time) when for the first time since today the daylight and night time hours will be evenly split.

It’s also noted that the position of the sun directly over the equator puts the Earth in perfect balance. It’s said you can balance an egg upright on a level surface during an Equinox. I’ve tried it before without much success. Maybe you can do better, good luck trying. Enjoy the limited sunshine over the next few weeks and do your best to take advantage of this gorgeous stretch of September weather.


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