Amble’s Ramble

An event will happen in the heavens this weekend that we haven’t seen in 32 years. It’s called a Blood Moon. Technically it’s a Lunar Eclipse but I think Blood Moon sounds a lot cooler. That means the Earth will be in a direct line between the Sun and the Moon shading the Moon from the direct rays of the Sun. You will still be able to see the Moon but it will look much larger than normal and it will reflect a faint, red glow which will last for an hour and 12 minutes. The beginning of the total eclipse will begin Sunday at 9:11 PM Kansas City time.


The weather forecast Sunday evening couldn’t be any better. Skies will be clear, or mostly so and temperatures will stay in the middle to lower 70s throughout the event. Unlike viewing most things in the nighttime sky which requires you to leave the lights of the city, this one should be visible to everyone urban or rural. You will obviously get a better eye full of the Blood Moon if you set up outside the limits of your town or city but if that’s not an option you can still get a nice peek at this phenomenon which will not happen for another 18 years. Holy cow, I’ll be 73 years old! I guess I’ll have to stay up late for this one.


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