Hallie’s Hint: Can you smell the BBQ?

There is a haze surrounding Arrowhead Stadium this morning… and it smells delicious! The American Royal World Series of BBQ officially began last night and continues through the weekend! If you have plans to head out to enjoy the festivities… pack a jacket this morning, otherwise we’re looking at PERFECT Autumn weather!



That’s the good news… the bad news… it’s COLD this morning! So cold in fact I caved and had to turn the heat on in my house last night!


This stretch of beautiful weather continues into the first part of the work week before things start to heat up again by mid-week. Highs will reach back into the lower 80s with rain chances returning towards the end of the week.


Hurricane Joaquin continues its northward movement at about 5 mph. Still a category 3 storm with maximum winds at 125 mph. This hurricane will not make a direct hit to landfall… it will stay east of the east coast and west of Bermuda. Still, heavy rain and flooding issues are a concern all up and down the east coast. If you’ll be travelling east in the next few days, I would recommend checking with your airline for delays. Better safe than sorry!


Have a GREAT weekend! Get outside and enjoy… as we know… this weather won’t last long!

Meteorologist Hallie Shulman
Weekend Morning Meteorologist


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