Suchan Says: Watching Next System To Arrive

It’s a cruise control forecast this weekend with cold mornings followed by pleasantly cool autumn afternoons.  Loads of sunshine can be expected both days with only a light afternoon breeze.  On the lake, on the golf course, on a trail in the outdoors… you just can’t go wrong!

Feast your eyes on this Saturday forecast!!

Feast your eyes on this Saturday forecast!!

The next system to arrive appears on track for Wednesday and unfortunately this coincides with Veterans’ Day.  It’s a strong area of low pressure and track will be everything in regards to what we see and to what extent.  Latest modeling suggest thunderstorms are likely but question marks remain on whether they’ll be severe or not.  This far out, we just need to allow 2 to 3 days to fine-tune the details of this forecast.  But we are watching it.

The other item of interest is the potential to see the first snowflakes of the season fall in the viewing area.  At this point, the only real chance of this scenario is in far northern Missouri and into Iowa or eastern Nebraska.  The amount of cold is marginal and will be racing to catch up with the trailing edge of the rain.  Again, we’ll just need to fine-tune this forecast over the next couple of days.  But for the first time this season, I actually spent a little time looking this over!!  Tis the season to come 🙂

Here are a couple images of Wednesday’s system from an expectation standpoint.

System Moves In

System Moves In

System is pulling away from the area

System is pulling away from the area

Chris Suchan
Chief Meteorologist

Twitter:  @ChrisSuchanKCTV
Twitter:  @KCTV5Weather


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