Suchan Says: Last Showers Ahead

Our rainfall totals for this most recent system are very impressive!  While they may adjust up a hair in spots with a few more light rain showers still ahead, I feel this chart will be close to the “final rainfall total” for much of the area.


This chart is from 11pm and is a 36-hour rainfall amount tally

There was additional rain that fell Sunday night into Monday morning before our current storm pushed in that is NOT included in the above chart.

We still have a few more rain showers and sprinkles to push across.  The actual area of low pressure will swirl overhead late tonight into Wednesday morning with cloudiness and a 30% chance of showers or sprinkles.


Low pressure swirling over Wichita moving northeast

I fully expect a cloudy morning into midday.  The chance for sprinkles and showers will lift north toward Iowa by early afternoon with the area of low pressure and we will see a gradual increase in breaks of sun arrive during the afternoon.  Plan on a windy day with much cooler temperatures only reaching the lower 50s (although a little warmer to the south).

A final piece of energy swinging in behind the system occurs in the evening and may generate one last shower or two for the area before completely drying out Wednesday night.

Here are some forecast images highlighting Wednesday’s weather.


Morning cloudiness and a 30% chance of showers and sprinkles


Fairly cloudy at noon with showers up north


Partly sunny late afternoon and windy


One last shot of evening showers

Chris Suchan
Chief Meteorologist

Twitter:  @ChrisSuchanKCTV
Twitter:  @KCTV5Weather


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