Suchan Says: Evening Update on Storm


Heavy snowfall just north of our region! Widespread 3″ to 7″ snow with areas of 10″+ reported in Iowa

Low pressure is now moving into southwestern Iowa to near the Missouri line and at a fairly rapid clip I might add.  It will make quick progress to the east pulling in some very cold air overnight with the potential for a few flurries to fly across the area in the middle of the night.


Scattered rain showers across much of the area

This evening, showers are rapidly developing across the area in response to the arriving low and strong atmospheric dynamics.  Temperatures will hold in the 40s for much of the evening keeping this all rain with the only chance for a little snow to mix in confined to far northern Missouri late this evening as colder air begins to sink south.


Mid to late evening forecast map. Note the areas of blue in far northern Missouri (snow)


Midnight with showers and some snow up north


Colder, windy and cloudy overnight with a few flurries possible


Best chance for a light dusting is up north

Roads will be just wet this evening but you’ll want to pay attention to far northern Missouri overnight as some icy spots could develop especially where a light dusting may occur.  Careful on bridges and overpasses overnight up north.


Wet evening roads then drying out most areas tonight. Could see some slick spots way up north overnight.

In the middle of the night, colder air is rushing south with a howling north wind.  There will be a brief opportunity for a few flurries to fall across much of the area before drying out before sunrise.  Temperatures in the morning will dip to 28 but with high wind gusts, it will feel like it’s in the lower teens at times!

The rest of the day features increasing amounts of sunshine but cold temperatures all day stuck in the mid to upper 30s!

Chris Suchan
Chief Meteorologist

Twitter:  @ChrisSuchanKCTV
Twitter:  @KCTV5Weather



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