Hawila’s Heads-Up: Tricky Thanksgiving

Before we talk about Thanksgiving, rest assured Monday and Tuesday will be fantastic late-November days with highs in the middle 50s with sunshine. Here’s a look at Monday’s hour-by-hour forecast.


A few showers are expected Wednesday, but widespread heavy rain is NOT. The chance for widespread, more significant rain looks to arrive on Thanksgiving. All data has been consistent and continues to suggest a very good chance for rain this Thanksgiving. Another strong cold front will sweep through the area Thanksgiving Day and bring a very good chance of rain along with it. Below, you’ll see a series of model images showing the rain being forecast across our area. The deeper colors represent a higher total of rain over the 6 hour period. The first two images are the GFS model and the second two are the European model. Each image will represent Thanksgiving afternoon followed by Thanksgiving evening respectively. There’s a rather high chance most locations will receive more than 0.75″ of rain Thanksgiving day with many receiving an 1″ or better.  This forecast is still several days out and will have to adjusted closer to Thanksgiving, but right now if you’re planning on traveling or attending the Plaza Lighting Ceremony, plan on packing the rain gear.






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