Suchan Says: More Rain, Weekend Snow?!


Rain moving north into our area

The next round of rain is on the way and this time it will ONLY be rain.  Temperatures will remain steady in the mid to upper 30s tonight keeping roads just wet for the early morning commute.

During the day, occasional rain or drizzle will fall as temperatures inch up into the lower to even mid 40s to the south.  The coverage of rain may decrease a touch by sunset compared to earlier in the day but you’ll still want an umbrella into the evening.

Friday starts with more patchy rain and temperatures safely above freezing in the 30s to even lower 40s in the morning.  During the day Friday, cloudy skies but drier conditions may tend to decrease the rain chances quite a bit.

The weekend promises to bring a major shot of cold air and we’ll want to keep tabs on Saturday for snow chances.  Computer models still vary quite a bit on where and how much but I am sensing a bit more agreement on a possible scenario Saturday.

I’ll attach two panels for midday Saturday.  NAM taken at face value is a solid 2″ to 4″ snow in central Missouri would could clip some of our counties.  Less into the KC metro.

The GFS model also favors a zone of accumulating snow in central Missouri.  Not pictured from the GFS, a window of light snow in eastern Kansas into the KC metro before it shifts into central – eastern Missouri.


NAM panel showing deep layer lift / moisture. Red & yellow lines are critical thickness thresholds for frozen precipitation. In this case, cold enough for just snow


GFS panel showing deep lift / moisture. Reasonably close to the NAM’s evening output.

Chris Suchan
Chief Meteorologist

Twitter:  @ChrisSuchanKCTV
Twitter:  @KCTV5Weather


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