Hawila’s Heads-Up: Bitterly Cold

It’s a shock to the system! Can we go back to those upper 50s and 60s from just a few days ago? A blanket of about an inch of snow coated much of the area overnight and very early this morning leading to slick roads for Sunday drivers. The snow is done for today, so that’s the good news. The bad news? It is dangerously cold. Actual air temperatures this morning are in the lower single digits and even below zero across the area.


A wind out of the north is adding insult to injury. Wind chill values are dangerously cold and will remain that way all day and into Monday. Values will be as cold as -10 to -15 for the next 24 hours.


We will avoid snow chances tomorrow, but that changes by Tuesday. Another system is set to move through Tuesday afternoon. Snow, and possibly even a wintry mix in some areas, is expected. Latest data indicates this will have a bit more moisture to work with than this last blast. Exactly who sees the most snow and who gets sleet to mix in is still in question, but a 2″-4″ of snow is possible for the areas who maintain all snow. More details to come this week.


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