Suchan Says: Look at Tuesday’s Snow

This evening into tonight looks fine across the area.  Clouds will be on the increase but I do not expect much from those clouds until very late tonight.

At this point, the morning commute should be okay with flurries or a few light snow showers.  Better chance for steady light snow will be in our far northern zones where a light coverage may occur through sunrise.

During the morning into midday, the coverage of snow will increase across the area and reach peak coverage during the afternoon to early evening.  It is during this stretch where I believe travel will become more hazardous which includes the late day ride home for many.

Snow moves out during the evening to Tuesday night but roads likely to remain at least partially covered with refreeze icy conditions likely after the sun sets.


Tuesday 5:00am: Flurries or light snow showers


Tuesday 11:00am: Pockets of light to moderate snow


Tuesday 4:00pm: Areas of snow. Some freezing drizzle or light sleet possible to the south

Snow amounts are tricky as a period of freezing drizzle or light sleet may occur across the southern half of the area (southern metro and south).  This is more of a result of a loss of moisture in the favored “snow growth” region of the atmosphere.  If this important layer dries out, there isn’t sufficient ice nuclei available to form fluffy snowflakes and you end up getting ice pellets or just mist which creates light ice glazing and cuts down on accumulations.

Areas from I-70 north are likely to see less chance of drying in the snow growth region and should be able to sustain higher amounts of snow.


Chris Suchan
Chief Meteorologist

Twitter:  @ChrisSuchanKCTV


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