Suchan Says: Warmer Days Ahead and The Sun!

Our weather will settle down over the next several days and a gradual warm up kicks in especially over the weekend.

Friday still looks fairly cloudy with only a couple breaks of sun fighting through stubborn cloudiness.  Temperatures will start in the teens then warm into the mid to upper 20s with a few lower 30s down south.

Saturday starts very cold again in the mid teens but is followed by skies turning partly cloudy and temperatures warming into the lower to mid 30s.  That’s followed by Sunday which gets a nice big boost into the mid 40s under partly sunny skies!


Gradual warming trend next 7 days

The major weather story over the next several days will be the huge winter storm bulldozing into the East Coast.  Check out the extensive nature of watches, warnings and advisories covering the eastern half of the country!



Huge winter storm heading to Mid Atlantic


Widespread snow, ice in the Carolinas


D.C. area getting hammered with high snowfall rates Friday night


Snow spreading up the I-95 corridor Saturday morning


Still snowing along east coast

Storm totals around will range from 1 to 3 feet with some of the highest amounts reserved for mountainous areas inland from the big cities.  Winds will gust to 35 – 55mph as well especially as you work toward the coast.

In the Carolinas, a sleet storm combined with freezing rain will result in a wicked ice storm.  Power outages from this storm will be widespread.  Airlines will struggle as well and have a major ripple effect across the country.  Pack some patience if trying to fly this weekend.

Chris Suchan
Chief Meteorologist

Twitter:  @ChrisSuchanKCTV


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