Hawila’s Heads-Up: Storm Update

We’re watching the disturbance we’ve been tracking for quite sometime move onshore in California this evening. Eventually, this system moves pretty much right over the metro. As previously mentioned, this puts the metro and much of the KCTV5 viewing area in a warmer sector of the system keeping any heavy and significant accumulating snow well north of metro KC.


That’s why you’ll find blizzard watches, winter storm watches, winter storm warnings and even blizzard warnings for counties north and west of the KCTV5 viewing area. In Missouri, Holt, Andrew, Nodaway and Atchision counties are currently under a winter storm watch. It’s this area in far northern Missouri that could see some accumulating snow before this system exits the area. The gradient of accumulating snow will be cutoff very sharp in far northern MO. As you work toward Omaha, incredible snow totals are possible. Some areas could see more than a foot!


Our forecast has remained unchanged now for a week. Heavy snow is expected to break out as soon as tomorrow night and early Tuesday across areas to our west and north. Monday is a cloudy day and a mild day with temperatures in the middle 40s in the afternoon. Despite a passing, isolated shower or sprinkle, most of the day will remain dry until the evening and overnight when more widespread rain moves into the area.


Overall, 1/2″ to an inch of rain is expected across most of the KCTV5 viewing area. Lighter rain totals will be found southeast of the metro with the heavier rain totals just north of the metro. We will continue to monitor any potential changes with this system, but at this time, our confidence remains high in our original forecast.



2 Responses

  1. Not just too you, but every weather person on tv, I’ve decided that non of you,know a damn thing about the weather, I can tell more by my pains in my legs and feet, and I don’t have all your fancy computers, I think all you weather people do is get people stired up so they will go out and buy more than they really need, I’m sorry but my pains and my dog know more than any of you, I’ll never trust you or any other weather person again, your all about scarring the public, good riddens , you people couldn’t hit a bull in the butt, tied in a stall, with a scoop shovel

  2. Hi Gaylen,

    We have consistently said for a week the primary area of snow would be northwest from KC unless the track shifted south. We cannot speak for other forecasts out there including The Weather Channel that showed big snow in our viewing area. Our forecast looks on target with this storm and haven’t made any changes to our expectations.


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