Suchan Says: Rain, Warm Sun and a Little Snow


Rain with thunder heading into the area overnight and through the early commute

The headline to this blog entry says it all!  Yes indeed, we will see all three with this passing storm.

Our forecast from a week ago to today has not changed one bit!  We’ve consistently advertised a track too far north for a big Kansas City snow unless there was a shift south in the track.  Ultimately this system will indeed pass too far north keeping big snow amounts north and northwest of our viewing area.

That’s not to say we will not see some winter weather from it.  In the morning I expect far northern Missouri to see a mixed bag of rain, sleet and some wet snow before quickly coming to an end by mid to late morning.  A quick inch or so of accumulation is possible in far northern Missouri.


Morning rain and some thunder. Wintry mix possible in far northern Missouri

Elsewhere, rain and some thunder will start the day.  No severe weather is in the forecast although a few reports of very small hail are possible.  Roads will be just wet in the morning with temperatures in the 30s to mid 40s across much of the area.


Afternoon sun possible with warming temperatures

By mid to late morning, a strong push of dry air will sweep into the area in what we call the dry slot of the storm.  I expect to see big breaks of sunshine move in and temperatures to spike in response well into the 50s (except 30s and 40s up north).

Late in the evening, wrap around cold air and moisture will swing in behind the departing system.  A quick dusting or so of snow is possible just about anywhere as snow showers move through.


Flurries and snow showers will move through late evening and Tuesday night


Snow amounts Tuesday into early Wednesday morning

Chris Suchan
Chief Meteorologist

Twitter:  @ChrisSuchanKCTV


4 Responses

  1. Dear Mr suchan, I used to believe you weather people , knew your stuff, but after this last so called major storm you all called for over a week, didn’t do anything , but put a scare into the public, to go out and buy stuff they didn’t need, it has occurred to me, you weather people are only in it to help store sales, I now believe , you people couldn’t predict anything but store sales, you couldn’t hit anything , even the so called bull in the butt, with a scoop shovel, tied in it’s stall, inside the barn, with the door shut, I can predict weather, better by my aches and pains, I’ll nolonger listen to you , or anyone else,

  2. I watched kctv mews at 10 pm didnt hear the buzz word for the chiefs helmets give away….and i couldnt find it on the net on ur site…were to go i mean

  3. Tonight’s buzz word was Arrowhead. Try this link to enter the word. Good luck!!


  4. Hi Gaylen,

    We said for a solid week this storm would likely track too far north for a big snow in our area. I think you’re blending other forecasts with our forecast. You can visit our past weather blog posts to see the forecast calling for a better chance of rain which we saw in the morning than big snow.


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