Amble’s Ramble

We’re enjoying one of the benefits of a strong El Niño year. Typically our area doesn’t notice much change during one of these spells but this year has certainly provided us with a pleasant finish to the winter season. Check out the fresh and full buds on my magnolia tree. This is happening at least two weeks earlier than normal which has me a little concerned.


There have been stretches of mild Weather in February and March before and I’ve seen area foliage wake up prematurely in prior years too but it never happens without a little apprehension. Spring doesn’t officially arrive until the vernal equinox which is still 11 days and a few hours away. Not only that but hard freezes happen in early spring too. In other words there’s still plenty of winter left for a snap of cold air which could make trees, bushes and flowers wish they’d have stayed in hibernation a little longer.


On a positive note the forecast over the next 8 days calls for well above normal temperatures with no threat for a hard freeze. Rain will also fall at a very spring-like clip possibly sending over an inch to the Metro area between now and the end of the week. Warm air and springtime rain will not only transform our bleak winter landscape into a lively spring look but I should have big beautiful magnolia flowers before St. Patrick’s Day!


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