Suchan Says: Easter Weekend Showers

We have a great Friday to look forward to and it starts with an early astronomy treat at 6:00am if you want to see the International Space Station zip by.  It’s a full 6 minute pass and peaks at elevation of 79° which is nearly directly overhead!  Here’s a chart showing you times and where to look.


It will be cold through sunrise as temperatures bottom out in the upper 20s.  We will see plenty of sunshine through the day but you will notice an increase in clouds later in the afternoon mixing with the sun.  High temperatures should still be able to climb into the upper 50s.

Our next chance for showers arrives late Friday night into Saturday.  As I see it now, a solid rain chance will take us through Saturday morning to about early afternoon then the chance of rain will decrease later in the afternoon.  Highs will be in the mid 50s.


Friday Morning… mainly clear with a spot or two of fog


Friday Afternoon turns partly sunny


Saturday Morning… cloudy with patchy rain


Saturday Afternoon… cloudy with sprinkles or a few leftover showers then drying into evening

Easter Sunday’s rain chances are rather tricky.  Our in-house Forecast Track computer model insists on dry weather while an assortment of very reliable computer models track an area of low pressure near the region to the southeast.  It will have some decent dynamics to develop some showers over “parts” of our area.  So for now, I will hedge toward a more pessimistic forecast with a 50% chance of rain through the morning then drying out during the afternoon hours gradually.  The best rain chance will be along or southeast of I-35 as I see it now.

Chris Suchan
Chief Meteorologist

Twitter:  @ChrisSuchanKCTV



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