Amble’s Ramble

Get ready for the nicest string of spring days so far in 2016. First let me explain what makes a nice spring day in my opinion. First, I like sunshine. There are winter days when I’d trade a few degrees for a few rays or even a small break in the cloud cover. The next few days will offer plenty of vitamin D. Second, I’m not a fan of wind. There will be a moderate breeze out of the southeast over the next several days but it’s not going to be a howling wind like the gales that blew in for the past 2 months. Lastly, I have an ideal range of temperatures. I’m certain my nirvana doesn’t match everyone but by my standards anything from near 70 degrees to low 80s would qualify as outdoor comfy.

There have been some pretty pleasant days in 2016. In fact temperatures over the next seven days will not come close to the warmest so far this year. That prize goes to April 3rd when the afternoon high reached 81 degrees. The wind was very stout that day so it wasn’t exactly a terrific day to be outdoors. The next few days will not come close to being the warmest of 2016 with Friday’s high of 74 forecast as the highest. In fact March saw several days warmer than this stretch  and even February had a couple days warmer. All of those days by the way were coupled with very strong winds.

This string of perfection is the best of the year for several reasons. The wind will blow at a moderate pace. Great for kite flying but not so strong that you have to brace yourself in the open air. Skies will stay sunny for the most part and even with clouds and rain forecast for both Monday and Tuesday it will be a needed rain and with mild temperatures …the showers will actually be welcome. But I think the duration of the warm spell is what makes this forecast so appealing. Temperatures will reach from the upper 60s to the middle 70s for the next 10 days at least. It’s what most people think of when spring is mentioned. If spring is your season you’ll love what mother nature is sending your way and the fact that there’s no end to this string in sight you can just sit back, relax and enjoy.


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