Amble’s Ramble

Today has already been an active weather day with many reports of strong winds and large hail coming in from many areas around the Metro with the most numerous reports coming from areas north of I-70. The second round of storms arrive in the Metro just after sunset so gather up your family before this next line of intense storms arrive.

Areas Of Greatest Risk:


The timing:

Storms will fire up over central Kansas during the middle of the afternoon impacting areas from around Salina south through Wichita. The storms will have a degree of separation meaning that super-cell thunderstorms will be likely offering the greatest threat for tornadoes between 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM. The storms will approach Topeka by the 7:00 hour and should be forming more linear storms at that time. The storms will be in a solid line by 8:00 PM when the line reaches Lawrence and Ottawa. At this time the threat will be in the form of damaging winds and large hail.  By 9:00 PM that line will reach the Kansas City Metro area. While it’s still possible that an isolated tornado could be produced it’s far more likely that the storms will hit us with strong straight line winds and large hail. There is enough potential energy for the storms to drop hail in excess of 2″. That’s at least as large as the hail that fell this morning.

There’s quite a bit of time between now and when the storms arrive this evening but you should take some time now to tidy up around your house. Make some room to put your car in the garage and you might think about bringing your patio furniture inside for the night and anything else that could blow away when the storms arrive. You should also have a conversation with your family so everyone is gathered up and indoors well before the storms arrive. Stay safe and have a great day everyone.


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