Suchan Says: Next Chance of Rain

Thursday was such a welcome break from recent rain.  Unfortunately the true dry stretch of days in the forecast will not arrive until next week.  So Friday rolls in and so does the next chance of rain.


Rain moving into central and southern Kansas

Already to the southwest we can see the leading edge of rain in Friday’s forecast trying to move to the northeast.  Much of this rain will struggle to push in Friday morning but a shower or sprinkles will be possible especially in the western third of our viewing area.

By the afternoon, a gradual increase in the chance for showers or a rumble of thunder will move in.  This continues into Friday evening.  The chance of rain will increase to 40% to cover this period.  Temperatures will reach into the mid 60s.


Friday Morning: Only a slight rain chance and mainly our western counties


Friday Early Afternoon: Mostly cloudy with a increasing chance of showers or a weak rumble of thunder


Friday Late Afternoon: Mostly cloudy with a 40% chance of rain

Friday night and Saturday morning will see the chance of rain and thunder increase to 70%.  I do not expect severe storms although very small hail is possible in any storm along with locally heavy rain.


Friday Night – Saturday Early Morning: High chance of showers or thunderstorms


Saturday Late Afternoon: Variably cloudy with a 30% chance of showers or T-storms

Saturday is NOT a washout!  Yes it starts with a high rain chance but a slot of drier air will punch in for the afternoon decreasing the chance of rain to 30% later in the day.  Highs in the 60s to near 70 (lower to mid 70s likely in our southern counties).  There will also be a risk for a stronger storm or two in the southern part of the viewing area where instability levels will be higher in the warmer, muggy air.

Sunday is a fairly cloudy day with light rain or drizzle from the morning to at least mid-afternoon before drying out.  Temperatures will be much cooler in the upper 50s as well.

Chris Suchan
Chief Meteorologist

Twitter:  @ChrisSuchanKCTV




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