Hawila’s Heads-Up: Storms This Evening

Two things to note here on Satellite and Radar composite: Scattered rain and thundershowers are pushing away from the metro this early afternoon and behind it, clearing skies will briefly move in. It’s in this zone circled we will be monitoring for redevelopment of thunderstorms this afternoon and evening, namely southeast Kansas… some of which could be strong to severe.


For this reason, most of our viewing area is under a slight risk for severe storms. The primary risk is large hail. Second to that would be a few stronger wind gusts. This is not expected to be a widespread severe weather event. Just a few storms could be on the robust side. Either way, we do expect more rain to hinder evening plans, yet again.


A look at a couple of Hi-Resolution models paints the same picture which boosts confidence in the forecast for the rest of the day. Scattered showers and storms will redevelop to the west and south of the metro this evening and bring a few storms into the area as soon as soon as the evening rush hour. ForecastTrack and HRRR are depicting those chances below.


Another topic to cover is Flash Flood potential. I don’t expect major issues this evening with flooding, but if you live in low areas or very flood prone areas, do keep an eye out. We’ve received quite a bit of rain over the last several weeks, a lot last night and more today will just aggravate any streams and rivers that are already elevated.



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