Suchan Says: Next Chance of Storms

Monday brought quite a bit of severe weather across the nation’s midsection but our area was completely spared of the large hail, strong wind gusts or tornadoes seen elsewhere from Nebrask, central Kansas into Oklahoma!!  No complaints here to be sure!!

Tuesday starts with patchy clouds, a few spots of fog and a couple leftover showers in central Missouri.  By the afternoon, quite a bit of sunshine dominates the area with temperatures in the lower 80s.


Tuesday Morning: Patchy clouds, a little fog and a few showers in central Missouri


Tuesday Afternoon: Warm sunshine

The next day to watch is Wednesday.  A strong cold front will approach the area later in the day.  Out ahead of it, temperatures warm well into the 70s to even the 80s in southeastern parts of the area.  This combined with dew points climbing into the mid to possibly upper 60s and very cool temperatures aloft will create a very unstable atmosphere.  Wind shear to me is somewhat suspect for a perfect severe combination.  That said, if we do realize the amount of instability I’m seeing in some of my analysis, very large hail would be possible along with strong downburst winds in severe storms.  Stay tuned to this forecast as we massage the details of expectations.


Wednesday Morning: Could start with a few strong thunderstorms


Wednesday Late Day: Scattered strong thunderstorms possible


Next update from the SPC comes out early tonight

Chris Suchan
Chief Meteorologist

Twitter:  @ChrisSuchanKCTV



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