Amble’s Ramble

Thunderstorms this morning will play a large roll in where and when the afternoon thunderstorms initially fire. Strong storms between 5:00 AM and 9:00 AM made a mess of the morning commute with frequent lightning strikes, heavy rain and large hail. Here’s just one example of the hail that fell in our area this morning:


As the storm rolled through the city it made driving very difficult to nearly impossible because of the heavy rain. Check out the Airport early this morning:


Flooding will be a concern from KCI and Platte City through Leavenworth where 4″ totals have been observed.

The afternoon forecast will be complicated but you should expect additional thunderstorms to form almost directly overhead at about 2:00 PM then quickly race east of the Metro. The afternoon drive should not be impacted by the storms arriving later today but areas east of the metro should be aware that more storms are going to impact your late afternoon hours. The areas most likely to experience significant weather will be Chillicothe, Marshall and Sedalia anytime after 4:00 PM. Strong to severe storms are possible. Keep in mind this forecast will be fluid throughout the day because of the morning storms. Stay tuned to KCTV5 for updates on potential severe weather later today.


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