Amble’s Ramble

Thunderstorms will interrupt your afternoon with potential severe weather. Let’s take a look at the timing of those storms.

The first line of storms will approach the Metro from the northwest. It will be very easy for you to see this line of storms approach your area. The skies northwest of the city will get very dark and you should hear thunder at least 15 to 20 minutes before they arrive. You’ll have plenty of warning. This is where the storms will be at 3:00 PM:


The storms will move into the downtown area by 4:00 PM with individual cells within the line capable of dropping large hail and down-burst winds to go along with heavy rain, thunder and lightning. This is where the line of storms will be at 4:00 PM:


This entire event will be very brief. if you stay in one location the storms will only last between :45 minutes and an hour. The intensity of the storms will shake your house but it won’t last long enough for flooding to be a problem. Here’s a look at where the storms will be at 5:00 PM:


The leading edge of this line will be from Blue Springs, MO through Lee’s Summit to near Spring Hill, KS the storms at this time will certainly be capable of strong winds and large hail. Take a look at the 6:00 PM hour:


Notice the Metro is now settling down. If this hold true to form I would expect the tarp to be on the field at the K with no outdoor batting practice before the game. The tarp should be removed in time for the infield to be prepped and ready for first pitch near the announced start time. Because of the brief nature of the storms I wouldn’t expect the outfield to be too sloppy. The grass will obviously be wet so outfielders will have a wet ball to handle.

The storms could be severe as I’ve mentioned above. The Storm Prediction Center has placed Kansas City in a slight risk for severe weather with the 2 greatest risks being large hail and down-burst winds. Even though the tornado threat is low we will certainly be alert for the possibility for a lone spin-down or an isolated event and you should be too.


Be prepared when the storms arrive this afternoon. Please be aware and be safe today. Cooler air filtering in this evening will keep the skies quiet through most of the weekend.



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