Amble’s Ramble

What a day everyone and the big storms haven’t even begun to fire. Scattered storms this morning are acting like Pogo sticks. They fire up very quickly, drop a few large hailstones then almost as quickly fade away. Here’s a look at the large hail that fell from a storm near 75th and Quivira:


Strong thunderstorms will  make for a bumpy evening over Eastern Kansas and Northern Missouri including the Kansas City area. The storms will begin to build after 4:00 PM with large hail and damaging winds the primary threat with an isolated tornado possible especially west of the Kansas City area. This is the latest look at our risk for severe storms:


This will be a fluid forecast with the ongoing outflow boundaries that are being formed from the current storms. Here’s a look at the RPM model which shows storms building in our area by 6:00 PM


This hasn’t been mentioned much but flooding is also possible with heavy rain expected to fall over the next 48 hours. It’s possible that over 2 and a half additional inches could fall in the Kansas City area which will send many stream over their banks. I hope this doesn’t happen but here’s a look at the potential rainfall between now and Saturday:



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