Suchan Says: Heat Advisory

Over the next couple of hours, a few showers or a thunderstorm remains possible then just mostly clear and muggy into daybreak.  Any thunderstorm through 1am – 2am could still produce small hail and a few wind gusts but severe weather is not expected.


The bigger story Wednesday is the heat.  The temperature will climb to 96 and when you factor in the humidity it will feel about 4 to 7 degrees hotter in the area.  The National Weather Service has issued a Heat Advisory because of this.  Thursday will  have a similar air temperature but looks more humid.  This would make it feel like it’s 105 to near 110 in spots Thursday late afternoon.



As for storms, new model data coming in late this evening is attempting to latch on to developing storms in central Kansas with a couple of these storms trying to brush into the southwestern part of the viewing area late day.  We’ll see on this…  but I did add a 20% PM rain chance to the forecast.



Wednesday Evening: Need to see if storms develop in central Kansas. This run of “Forecast Track” would verify rain in southwestern parts of the area late day

Chris Suchan
Chief Meteorologist

Twitter:  @ChrisSuchanKCTV




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