Hawila’s Heads-Up: HOT, HOT, HOT!

Whew! I don’t know about you, but I could use a few days of much more mild weather. We have locked in to a pattern more typical of July and August, and we can’t seem to break it. Spoiler alert: this week will not bring the relief many of us are looking for.

Temperatures this Father’s Day were toasty again! Highs climbed into the low 90s across the area. Typically, we expect highs in the middle 80s this time of the year.


Another thing we could use besides relief from the high heat, is a good widespread rain. Parts of Missouri are abnormally dry. The next category to this is ‘moderate drought.’ This isn’t a road we want to be on in the middle of June.


Our rain chances this week aren’t 0%, but they are overall on the lower side (especially in the metro and areas south). A few hit and miss showers and storms are possible mainly along and north of I-70 Monday afternoon and evening as a “cold front” approaches and will act as the focus for storm development. Most locations won’t pick up rain, but those lucky enough to get under a storm could find themselves under a decent heavy downpour. Also, some hail and gusty winds can’t be ruled out in the strongest storms. Again, this is mainly true in northern Missouri.


Highs over the next 7 days look to remain HOT. We expect above average temperatures every day this week. Heat indicies are also expected to be in the triple digits at times this week. Stay cool!



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