Amble’s Ramble

Today is the first day of Summer. You know what that means right? Not so fast. This ramble isn’t about summer heat it’s actually about summer cold. As in an “I’m sick” cold. Yes, I have a summer cold and a few other people I know are battling the same congestion, runny nose and general lethargy.


So why do summer colds seem so much worse than the winter variety? The answer is simple, it’s a different virus than our cold weather counterpart. The summer strain is from the family of Enteroviruses that actually prefer warmer weather. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between a summer cold and general allergies but there are a few telltale signs. First, your summer cold will go away in about 10 days whereas the pollen or mold allergies will last all summer. Both will give you a runny nose and a sneezing fit but the summer cold could also add a fever, hacking cough or a rash to the list. Not fun!

You can avoid catching a summer cold in pretty much the same way you avoid it in winter. Keep your hands clean, clean shared items like phones, desktops and other items. Try to eat a balanced diet complete with fruits and veggies. Drink lots of water, stay well rested and do your best to avoid sick people which is not easy considering all the summer social activities in our area. I guess that means you need to avoid me for the next few days 😦

Have a great first day of summer and stay healthy everyone!



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