Suchan Says: Storms Possible Tonight


Evening storms likely in highlighted region

After a hot, windy Monday across the area attention will turn to the overnight hours and the return of thunderstorms to the area.  For this evening, the bulk of the storms will stay out of the viewing area to our north and west.

Near midnight and through the overnight hours into the early drive, the chance of showers and thunderstorms will increase across the area.  While the atmosphere will be gradually cooling, there should be plenty of leftover instability in place coupled with just enough wind shear to promote a risk of strong to severe storms.  Primary hazard would be strong wind gusts followed by hail.  Keep in mind the risk of torrential rain with frequent lightning would accompany any heavier storm.

The bulk of the storminess should tend to decrease into early afternoon with a bit of a lull in the middle of the day.  I would expect to see scattered showers or storms flare back up late tomorrow after a high in the upper 80s to near 90.


Late Evening: Isolated rain chance and mainly to the northwest


Scattered storms overnight


Early Morning: Some showers and thunder in the area


Afternoon: Partly cloudy with an isolated storm chance (increases again later in the evening)

Chris Suchan
Chief Meteorologist

Twitter:  @ChrisSuchanKCTV



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