Amble’s Ramble

The strongest storms have already blown through the area but there could be a few more storms later this evening. Wind gusts topping 60 MPH and reports of wind damage topped the list of severe reports as that noisy complex of storms plowed through during the mid-morning hours.


That same line of storms is blasting the eastern part of Missouri with heavy rain and gusty winds which will no doubt have our good friends in St. Louis on edge late this afternoon into the evening.


The storms right now have completely cleared the KCTV5 viewing area but that doesn’t mean we’re completely out of the woods just yet. The atmosphere is pretty worked over and with left over debris clouds in the area our afternoon high will stay cool enough to inhibit the growth of explosive storms but a few weaker storms are still very possible later this evening.


The two areas of concern will be over northern Missouri where a complex of storms currently over western Iowa and Nebraska could expand and sink south into areas generally north of U.S. Hwy 36. The next area would be evening development mainly south of the Metro where a thermal boundary could focus evening pop ups. In both areas the risk of storms reaching severe levels is low but an isolated strong storm is possible keeping the KCTV5 weather staff on alert through the evening. This is a look ahead to where the storms could be later this evening.


Thursday will offer another chance for showers and thunderstorms moving in after the mid-afternoon hours. The Storm Prediction Center suggests the greatest threat for strong storms will concentrate over southeast Kansas and southwest Missouri staying south of U.S. Hwy 54 or at least 90 miles south of the Kansas City Metro.


Enjoy your evening but keep an easy eye out for developing storms and stay connected with the number of tools available to you like the FREE KCTV5 weather App and



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