Amble’s Ramble

Let’s have some fun this weekend! That’s sometimes hard to do when temperatures are running this high. Saturday will be another scorching hot day with the high temperature working into the upper 90s. Sunday will be a little cooler but it will still be an extremely hot day with the heat index working above 100 degrees in the afternoon. Here’s a look ahead to what you will face:


Rain chances will be slim with the best chance coming late in the day Sunday. If you’re counting on weekend rains to keep your lawn green you better not hold your breath. On the positive side at least you don’t have to worry about any of your outdoor events getting rained out.


As you can see next week will offer the best chance for rain.

Now let’s focus on the fun. I know there are hundreds of ways to spend your weekend but I thought I’d focus on the lake. Here are some area lake temperatures which will make heading to one of the local beaches a pleasant experience. Water temperatures are in that mid-summer ideal range all over the area.


If you plan to wet a line most lakes are showing good crappie production if you can find a main lake brush pile in 20 to 30 feet of water. Use minnows but don’t drop down too far. Crappies feed up which means they will swim up to catch their prey. Try dropping anywhere from 15 feet to 10 feet below the surface or somewhere in the middle of the water column. Make sure you check your specific lake regulations for size and creel limits. Be safe, be legal and have a great weekend!  Yes, I’m holding a walleye…


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