Amble’s Ramble

Sunday evening started out very nice with a gentle easterly breeze and a beautiful sunset. A mostly quiet Sunday turned noisy around 9:00 PM when thunderstorms erupted along the Missouri river from near Hardin, MO to Marshall, MO. Those storms seemed harmless enough at first but after the first three thunderstorm cells “trained” over the same area it became very evident that flooding would be a serious concern during the overnight hours.

While most of us slept rivers and streams quickly swelled and spread out well past their banks over central Missouri. It’s easy to see how that happened with some areas measuring over 5 inches of rain in just over 12 hours:


The heaviest corridor of rain fell between areas just west of Marshall, MO north to near Bethany. Doppler Radar estimates one area about 16 miles south southwest of Chillicothe picking up 10 inches of rain! That’s more than 2 months of rain falling in less than one day.

Here are a few additional reports from central Missouri:


Blackburn, MO dumped out almost 8 and a half inches of rain from their gauge while Malta Bend and Jameson recorded over 7 inches.

It had to be a sleepless night in those communities. If the pounding rain, thunder and lightning didn’t keep residents in that part of the state awake then the thought of property and possessions being swallowed up by flood waters certainly did. The rain is gone for now but for areas in need of a clean up intense heat this week will make that job very difficult.


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