Williams’s Wrap: Sunday Showers


The rain has arrived and we can expect a light summer soaking through Sunday.  Showers will be scattered through the morning and afternoon and even though some could be heavier at times, I’m not expecting any downpours anywhere.  There could be a few rumbles of thunder too.  Severe weather isn’t expected and Sunday shouldn’t be a washout.  So if you plan on spending any time outside, when thunder roars, go indoors.  It would also be a good idea to pack the poncho or umbrella before heading out anywhere.


Clouds will blanket the sky through Sunday and with the rain and cooler air, highs for many areas will have a hard time making it out of the 70s.  All of these conditions will definitely give Sunday an “early fall feel”.  Showers should become more spotty during the evening so we’ll have a better shot at staying dry once the sun goes down.


Another batch of rain moves in during the overnight and will give us a chance at starting the work week wet.  Passing showers look to only last through the first half of Monday, mainly during the morning.  Skies turn partly cloudy after that with minimal chances for rain in the following days.


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