Amble’s Ramble

I couldn’t be happier that September is almost here. I love the cool mornings, low humidity and mild afternoons and now that I have a new set of hours I can’t wait to enjoy the evenings too!  Unfortunately we are all wired a little differently so as not to offend or leave anyone out I should add that many people actually dread this time of year. Why? RAGWEED!

Yes, it’s that time of year again when that ( not so ) pretty little flowering plant releases pollen by the metric ton into the Kansas and Missouri air. For some it’s just a harmless little weed:


But for others it’s a medical nightmare. Those towering little flowers are a moderate to dull yellow in color and if you pay attention to weedy areas or road ditches you have likely seen millions of these plants. The flowering tops are just now releasing pollen which will be a daily occurrence until the first hard freeze settles in which typically happens in October. The Ragweed number is high right now but it will no doubt go much higher in the coming weeks.


Some common symptoms include watery eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat and sneezing. Hay fever is a common term used for people who are less than thrilled with this time of year and the annoyance it brings.


With ragweed you might notice worsening symptoms in the morning when the pollen level is at its highest point. Some who are mild hay fever sufferers may get away with avoiding the outdoors as much as possible, keeping their windows closed or wearing a mask if venturing outdoors. That’s a nice option but if that doesn’t cut the mustard then medical help is required. Sometimes an over the counter medicine will do the job but for some this time of year means a trip to the doctor, prescription meds, or possibly a SHOT! OUCH!

For those who look forward to September weather I say enjoy, but for all of you with hay fever I can only say, “I’m sorry.” Have a great day everyone.


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