Suchan Says: Only Few Showers & Cooler


Showers in southeast Nebraska moving southeast overnight

Heading into Thursday’s forecast, we’re definitely looking at one of the coolest days we’ve seen in a while as a second cold front of the week slides by during the morning.  It will also bring a period of mostly cloudy skies in the morning with sprinkles or a few rain showers.

I fully expect any sprinkle or shower to exit the area by the afternoon with increasing amounts of sunshine.  Temperatures will struggle all day climbing back into the lower 60s.


Mostly Cloudy morning with sprinkles or a few rain showers pushing through


Mostly clear skies to round out the day but very cool

Thursday night will have clear skies and light winds across the area.  This will ensure a very chilly night in the upper 30s.  A few spots in north central Missouri could dip into the mid 30s by sunrise.   Friday will warm into the lower to mid 60s.  Following Friday, a big warm up is fully underway through the weekend under sunny skies!


Chris Suchan
Chief Meteorologist



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