Suchan Says: Closer Look at Strong Storm

A classic mid November winter storm is ahead.  By classic, I mean the location in the Northern Plains to Upper Midwest for storm track and heaviest snow while areas to the south see a big temperature swing, wild wind gusts and likely a band of rain with storms.

In my opinion, computer modeling has been excellent in pinning down this storm’s development and track.  Sure, there are differences on the “exact” track but that’s certainly to be expected this far out.

As for snow, the target zone will be from the mountains in northern Colorado to Wyoming and working across the Northern Plains into the Upper Midwest.  A general 2″ to 4″ snow is likely but a corridor of 6″ to 12″ appears possible.


Total snow amounts forecast from late Thursday into Sunday

Winds will strengthen as the storm deepens and strengthens.  Sustained winds of 25 – 35mph with gusts possibly near 50mph will be likely.

In Kansas City… impacts are a quick hitting band of rain with thunder from Kansas City east to St. Louis Friday.  You will see some sun Friday to be sure.  Temperatures likely start in the lower 60s then hold in the 50s to near 60 into early afternoon before falling late day Friday.   Winds will run from 15 – 30mph with gusts near or just over 40mph Friday into Saturday as colder air rushes in.


GFS deep layer lift / moisture easily shows all the faces of this potent storm


Forecast winds Friday afternoon

Chris Suchan




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